One of the hallmarks of good governance is community preparedness to attain economic and social stability. The neglect on good governance by community members have so stricken poverty level within their environment due to lack of knowledge of their right to issues that lead to development. Community involvement in budget process is a major factor to good governance which leads to community development.

Community development is thus, a highly important issue to the growth of any nation and which involves community stakeholders,  who are the traditional rulers, traditional leaders (Council chiefs), Community Based Organizations (CBOs) that comprises the youth groups, women groups and the men group organizations to take responsibility on the interest of their communities as to their development projects.

In Nigeria, the flow of governance has been a top – bottom approach which leaves the grasssroot insignificant in governance. It has always been that those who govern makes  budget process look so bureacratic and complex through their activities thus alienting the people from participating in it. But the fact remains that the poor have potentials to overcome their poverty through proper involvement in the commitment and concerted effort by various parts of their society to make this happen through their understanding of community involvement in budget process which entails planning, implementation, monitoring their budget at both LGA level and at the state level.

From the foregoing, the exclusion can largely be blamed on the ignorance of the people, since majority of the citizens are unaware of their rights and obligation to participate in decision making and governance. There are already existing structures at the grass  root, including women and youth Community Based  Organizations, traditional institiutional structure, the town union and community at large. These are anchor points of the community that can launch out governance to be known to the community with the responsibility of appropriation and oversight of the executives to ensure that the budget of the community is known to the community so that they will ensure that their budget is not distorted and is properly effected and its project invariably accountable with respect to budget of the community for improving their economic  and social situation.

Community stakeholders’  capacity need to be  strengthened  to engage their community members to identify, understand, and know how to participate on budget development,  implementation and monitoring  to achieve inclusive budgeting required to achieve the Millennnium Development Goals (MDGs) and other Public and Private interventions.


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