Nigeria harbours 1 in 5 Africans and has remained one of the largest economies on the continent with Annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of US$235.92 Billion. About 56% of the population live in absolute poverty and this has led to a fall to 47 years of life expectancy for both men and women.

Half of all Nigerians depend for their living on agriculture but the rate of urbanization/rural-urban migration is pushing development to an information and technology driven corner.

At SOWIPHANS, we are aware that poverty wears a multitude of faces and has numerous dimensions. It threatens all aspects of young people’s lives by depriving them of the capabilities needed to survive, develop and thrive, it entrenches or widens socio-economic and gender disparities that prevent them from enjoying equal opportunities and undermines protective family and community environments, leaving women and young girls vulnerable to exploitation, abuse, violence, discrimination and stigmatization.

Empowerment for sustainable development is one of our focus areas that dwell on providing sustainable support to our target population. Here, we contribute to feeding of orphans, help start up new agricultural ventures for indigent women, make referrals to loans and other micro credits for cooperative groups registered with us, among others. Our primary target here usually is to contribute to the first of eight Millennium Development Goals for 2015.

SOWIPHANS have equipped its project staff with the skills to communicate behaviour change towards agriculture and to empower a new generation of young women towards making poverty history. We empower women with the knowledge and skills to engage in small scale agricultural enterprises.

We provide grants for members to engage in pre-defined businesses.


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