Women Economic Empowerment

The Social-Economic consequences of poverty need not be a question of guess work.

Poverty is multidimensional. The number or percentage of people living below the poverty-line will get worse if conscious effort is not taken to train people on how to fish instead of giving them fish.

Majority of problems experienced in our society are poverty related, ranging from militancy/violence to discrimination, ethnic/religious conflicts etc. The poverty levels are direct indicators of social, cultural and economic problems endemic in our society, but these problems are more pronounced in most less privilege homes as children from these homes are always used for dirty and unhealthy jobs/activities.
We are aware that more than 80% of youths who champion violence and youth restiveness are children from less privilege homes, that is to say that poverty has a role in the challenges faced in our society.

Some authors have seen poverty as having the face of a woman. This sounds funny but could be believed because of a saying that: “If you are poor, you are disadvantaged but if you are poor and a woman you are doubly disadvantaged”(Violence Against Women, Trafficking for prostitution etc).

Women are the first teachers children come in contact with and it is the responsibility of the women to give correct and good information to their children, direct them properly on Peace Building because education starts from the home.

Women have much say and influence over their children, they have to contribute economically to the welfare and upbringing of these children, hence the urgent need to train and empower less privilege women economically for sustainable livelihood and to be able to contribute directly and indirectly to Peace Building and Conflict Resolution in our Society.



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